Download UC Browser Private Test Unofficial English Versions

Here the latest but leaked private beta test version of UC Browser 8.3 translated in English. The new UC Browser available in Chinese as beta test and here you can download the English translated versions for same.

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Update: UC Browser 8.3 Final Unofficial English Released
Download UC Browser Test
Its the second round of closed beta ended released in China for test group users only. As its leaked and here the fully English version with International and Indian server available for download to try. The UC Browser S60v3 Build 12030218 and S60v5 Build 12022720 Test version currently available for only Symbian phones and still waiting for Java, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc. The UC Browser 8.3 translated in English: S60v5 by pkb and S60v3 by Rifat.
Here what's new in this private test:
Test points:
~Wifi optimization (the main test wifi optimization mode with or without abnormal page views freely, whether to increase the power consumption, whether to increase the speed)
~ Account management (testing multi account logon is normal, covering installation)
~ The bookmark synchronization(bookmarks real-time synchronization, covering installation)
~ No trace browsing
~ Graffiti, screen shots, and free to copy optimization
New features:
Bookmark real-time synchronization: intelligent convenient, without manual synchronization between local and server bookmarks, local bookmarks change can be automatically synchronized.
Intelligent open wifi optimization: support automatically open in a wifi environment wifi optimization, image quality, networking speeds across the board upgrade, no traffic can experience better browsing.
Seamless Browse: to open the URL input, search records and access history without leaving any traces, escort for privacy.
Volume keys page: touch-screenmachines to support the volume key to turn it! Fingers without substantial slide pages can glance in the end, tap the volume keys, flip fast and simple.
Function optimization:
Multi-account form to save: to support the same page to save the multi-account form, next time you log auto-fill, no need toenter the province of time and effort.
Screenshot optimization: touch-screen machines to support the powerful combination of self-defined screenshots, and graffiti every screenshots can be heart embellishment, side cross-sectional side painting full of personality.
Graffiti optimization: touch-screen machines to add handwriting thickness and color options box, paint color, arbitrary, let your masterpiece to express individuality.
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Download Links Download UC Browser Private Test Versions:
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V5_Int_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v5 International Server, 2 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V5_In_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v5 Indian Server, 2 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V3_Int_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v3 International Server, 1.6 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V3_In_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v3 Indian Server, 1.6 MB)

Update: UC Browser 8.3 Final Unofficial English Released.

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